Lecture Synopsis

Dr. Thomas Sealey and Dr. Mide Ojo have developed a novel solution to a big issue that they and many dentists have experienced.

Your patient is unhappy with their smile.

  • Where do we start?
  • How can we show them what is possible?
  • Can we reproduce these results predictably?
  • Can we reduce our treatment times and increase
  • our profits but improve the quality of what we produce?

A new approach to smile design with a simplified approach to minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry which achieves the maximum aesthetic effect and maximum profits.

With the SmileFast Direct stent, a dentist can place a custom-designed upper 3 to 3 composite veneer smile makeover in under 90 minutes for most cases, which is less than half the time that traditional techniques would take. SmileFast will simplify the process and make it highly profitability for the dentist and more easily cost-effective for the average patient.

Learn how these simple protocols will allow you to approach every patient with confidence and with easy-to-perform techniques to smile enhancement. With both engaging lectures and hands-on practice, Dr. Sealey and Dr. Ojo will guide you to develop your clinical skills, allow you to treat a larger range of patients with more control and less stress.


Dr. Thomas Sealey

Dr. Thomas Sealey

Dr. Thomas Sealey is a cosmetic dentist based in Essex, UK. He has two Master degrees, Medical Education and Endodontic Practice, and has won the award of ‘Best Aesthetic Dentist in the UK’ at the FMC Aesthetic Dentistry Awards in 2019. He writes for most Dental Publications and examples of his clinical work have reached worldwide recognition, being published in both manufacturers’ literature and in the BACD International Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry.

His vast clinical experience within the private dental sector, his knowledge of composite materials and his artistic eye, have enabled him to develop a series of international lectures on simple and reproducible techniques to achieve natural aesthetics and long- lasting results for repeatable minimally invasive smile makeovers.

Dr. Olumide Ojo

Dr. Olumide Ojo (better known as Mide) is a highly regarded dentist with a huge passion for restoring smiles in the most conservative and practical way possible. As a head lecturer for CFAST Orthodontic Systems, Mide has taught hundreds of dentists in the UK how to bring cosmetic tooth alignment into a normal GDP workflow.

His relaxed presentation style, clarity and passion makes him an engaging speaker. His work features regularly in several dental publications. With over 10 years of experience in award winning dental practices across London before embarking on an ambitious project of setting up a Squat private practice. This practice has grown significantly in just 2 years based on delivering high quality affordable smile makeovers.

Dr. Olumide Ojo

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